Street Style Is Here For Today, Tommorow And ALL THE TIME

Fashion street style has a great influence on me because I see it as away to express myself and to be different than other people. Most of the time I notice different age groups of people dressed up for their busy day ahead while I’m walking around. I recognize people who stand out whether it is because of their glossy shoes, pin strip pants, ripped clothing, bright colored outfits or sweat suits. Most of time time people mix different styles of clothes together for a complete outfit such as a long sweater with a classy feminine dress, or a ripped up jeans jacket with button up shit and a dress pants. These people street style clothing is inspiring to me because I learned that it’s important to have confidence while being in public and other people will recognize a person who has their own unique style of clothes to wear.              Hollywood StYlE Vs. Street sTyLe

            TODAY IS A NEW DAY

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