Ghost Rider GIF Portrait (Part 2)

On October 4, 2018 in CT 101, we further continued our experimentation with GIF portraits using Adobe Photoshop.  As usual, Professor Seslow explained everything down to a science which really helped me understand this project better.  My fellow classmates Brian and Jahi were also of great assistance. Shutout to you guys you all the real MVP. This time around I chose to do a GIF Portrait on Ghost Rider.

    Ghost Rider? Him? Why not Superman, Batman, Iron man and ect… You know the list goes on and on.  I chose Ghost Rider because he’s a complex hero that has a moral dilemma. Some may argue he’s evil some may say he’s good but that’s what makes him exciting to learn about.  In other words, underneath that flaming skull, furious hell theme motorcycle (the hell cycle), and fire leather jacket is a character that challenges the ideas of spirituality.  I am not one to judge but if you had to ask me what or how I would describe Ghost Rider I will tell you one word “conundrum”. With that said, I hope you all enjoy my GIF Portrait of the “flaming skull man”.  I used to call him that when I was a kid growing up. Enjoy!

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