Panoramic Storytelling

Although I wasn’t able to make it to class when this assignment was taught, I was able to look at some post to see examples of the assignment and I decided to hit the road and make my own panoramic story.

For one of my classes, one of the assignments was to go the American Museum of Natural History, so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to create my story of my day.

So here is my view before getting on the train:

Here I am at the museum getting my work done:

I had help on this one because I met up with one of my classmates at the museum.

This is my view back from the museum (I had work after so thats why it was late and dark out) :


Lighting adds a lot to the Pano photos because in the first one natural lighting is on the outside and its dark on the platform. But as natural lighting fades away for the day, the station lights light up the platform and now there is darkness on the outside. This assignment was fun and if it wasn’t for this class I would probably have never used the Pano mode on my phone. So for that reason I would like to thank the professor.


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