GIF the Portrait- J. Cole

In class today we learned how to create gif using portraits by adding effects to different layered pictures. Following the steps shown in class was easy until I got the error when creating the animation. This is where I had to go back and make sure that all my images were saved on Layer and not the artboard, and to my surprise everything was saved on the artboard. After that small obstacle all I had to do was save for the web and pull up the gif on the web browser and this was my final product.

I decided to do this GIF portrait on J. Cole who is a rapper, producer, amazing lyricist, and an incredible story teller. His songs have actual meaning and you can tell that he means everything he says because of the passion he puts on his albums. J. Cole’s verses and “bars” are also out of this world, on his most recent project “KOD”, which has three different meanings, talks about the problems with drug abuse in the music industry and the effect it can have on the younger generation. He is one of the realest rappers out there right now and every single project he put out has not let me down.

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