How to Create The Perfect Wedding!

This Friday, October 5th I was honored to be invited to the wedding of Bree and Billy! Their wedding was truly a phenomenal experience that was filled with subtle quirks.

Bree and Billy’s “Quirky Wedding” has inspired me to design a guide for other soon to be couple. So without farther ado here’s how to you can recreate a wedding as bomb as Bree and Billy’s.

  1. Have an awesome Pipeband serenade you are you walk down the aisle.

2. Upgrade your Flower Girl to Two “Foliage Fellas”3. Your Bridemaides are there to protect you make sure they are appropriately equipped with bouquets that double as fully functioning Light Sabers.

4. Speak to the gamers that attend your wedding by having an arcade loaded with a game where you and your husband are the main characters. How cool right?5. Your Pup is a major part of your family they should be included in the wedding and the cake topper.

Shoutout to Reily for being the best ring bearer eva!






6. Photobooths! What a great way for your guest to create tangible memories. #Table14>Table10

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