Where’s Frank?


Today, in class Ryan showed us how to create animated portraits with photoshop. Although there are many steps the process is actually fairly easy. I began with choosing a person who means something to me (even though I’m extremely tired of him), finding their portrait in a large size and saving the image to the desktop. With various steps including editing the picture, cropping it and even adding filters. This class makes me enjoy computer class because coming from memory, in grade school, computer time meant doing unnecessary math/science problems that didn’t help with anything.


How many of you guys are fans of this man? Out of however many there are, I’m sure that 100% is FED UP with the beloved Frank ghosting us like we’re the guy/girl from the club last night. Fans from before the release of “Blond” are well aware of this foolishness we are faced with such as going SIX years without releasing an album but subtly appearing on other artists’ bodies of work. Quite frankly (lol), I’m tired of the BS… Give us some music!

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