Are Memes Art?

The internet… I can’t really explain it, but all I know is whoever invented the various types of crazy/weird content I’ve seen, really must have some time on their hands.

Memes are at the epicenter of modern culture. We relate to each other by sending memes, and sometimes this how  we show our affection for each other. Only the best memes goes to those who are closest to me.

The comedic genius in some of these memes really have me crying tears from laughing so much. Especially when memes are made from recent events that happen, it really is the funniest thing. Though sometimes the memes are insensitive and a little too early to joke about. I usually feel a little guilty for laughing so hard, but I just can’t help it

Nevertheless, along with bringing humor, memes also bring light to certain issues that occur in our society and makes you start to think about things that are going on. So I guess overall, memes are probably among the most important from of art for our generation.

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