Starting the semester off Strong!

This is my first semester as a Communication Technology major and may I am killing this sh!t!

Me accepting acknowledgment.

The last two semesters of my life have been hell. I was majoring in Pharmaceutical Science and not doing well at all 🙁 My final straw definitely was physics. I had a professor that did understand why his students weren’t learning from his methods. It was a hot mess!

I am so happy to say the first four weeks of class were a freaking success! I went from hiding in the back of the classroom to avoid being chosen to answer a question to being acknowledged for my excellent work.

I much give acknowledge why I am doing so well this semester.  It’s the curriculum and the professor. I am finally taking classes that I enjoy and being guided my professors that truly try to understand there students learning methods.

Lastly, who doesn’t want to discuss Memes for two hours!!!! 🙂

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