Soma Yukihira

 Today in class we were taught how to animate a gif portraying a person, character, animal, alien, etc that has inspired us. Although, it was a little time consuming the process is not to hard ,but anyone reading this already knows that. I chose Soma because I like the way he looks at his mistakes. I have always been the type of person that gets really discouraged after messing something up once, getting criticized, or having tough instructors. Soma is not perfect and whenever he was scolded or anytime he makes a mistake he does not fall. He learns from it and fixes the problem with a great attitude. He inspires me to try and do the same. Its his approach on the problem that really inspires. 
Isn’t it awesome. It goes from regular Soma to some grey kind of image then into some cool pink/purple being. I think this is a lot of fun and I can even add more frames to this animation or make it last longer before it loops around again. I added another frame on the one below I think it looks awesome.

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