On September 20, 18 we learned to create a story by using the panoramic mode on our smart phone. Who knew we could so such thing!? I always used that panoramic mode to get a full picture of the things around me in just one shot. But I never thought of using the panoramic mode to get the same exact object on the left and right.

In my group we had many ideas of different ways to create a story. The first one we did was happy/cool and fight/hate. We had everyone get on the left side and just act cool and be happy with your friends while I was using my smartphone to capture the moment. Once I reached the center and everyone was out of sight, they ran behind me and pretended to hate each other and get into a fight. Then I proceeded to capture the moment. It came out pretty great. We had to do it several times to get it perfect.  The second one we decided to do a falling pyramid. This was pretty challenging but we were able to do it and it was fun. 

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