GIF in a portrait


This is Rihanna represented as a GIF in a portrait. It was a lot of steps to try and get this image to become a GIF. I first started  looking for a portrait image. Then I dowloaded the image to the computer. Once I dowloaded the image I  opened photoshop in order to crop the image. After I cropped it we had to open a new photoshop tab where we had to create a transparent box. I started to get confused while I was going though the process because i am not a photoshop expert. After getting it done I realized we had to arrange the colors and filters of the image two more times. I saved all three images separately. Once we finished that it was a little more harder for me to follow along so I started asking my peers for help. I figured we had to add hem into a timeline and   I started to play the timeline. It was finally coming together looking like a GIF. At last I saved my image and uploaded to the website. I was happy with it because even tho it was a struggle I achieved to do it.



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