I love more odd and ambiguous memes, especially ones which refer back to video games and other popular media that I’m interested in. One of my favorite memes at the moment is this distorted image of the character Vault Boy from the Fallout series. I felt this meme perfectly captured my reaction of the two blog posts I forgot during the vacation break, so I made my first meme about it!

Here is a random assortment of other memes I love in no particular order:

On the subject of memes and art, or what qualifies art I always refer to the quote “art is for art’s sake.” Art does not have to serve a purpose or function, it can exist in itself. Besides the quote, I do think art should trigger a reaction and emotion in the viewer, which is the entire basis of memes! I do believe memes can be considered art, and well into the future I’m sure it’ll be in textbook and art historians will try to decipher the meaning behind them.

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