First panoramic experience

In my most recent class Prof.Seslow introduced us to panoramic photography. I had seen panoramic photos before but it was my first time actually taking one. Initially Prof.Seslow had the class gather up to take a photo as a group. We used it as an example and then split up into groups to take our own. My group and I used the studio that’s inside the classroom. It was challenging at first because we didn’t know what we could display in the photo we were planning on taking.  We saw two mannequins and a few chairs and decided to use those as props. It took us several attempts to take a panoramic photo. I think the story we were trying to tell with the photo was that us having a conversation with the mannequins in the first half and in the second half i feel like it was more candid since we just struck a pose. It was a fun experience and here’s what our final result came out like.


It kinda reminded me of this one episode of Spongebob where Mr.Krabs wanted to make a commercial for the Krusty Krab.

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