Reaction to this class

Okay, entering this class I went through so many mixed emotions but the I can sum them up in about 5:

Joy when I realized that I will be learning things I have been trying to teach myself but have been epically  failing in each time I have tried.

Fear when I realized all the new thing I will be learning (and if I will be able to keep up)

Disgust when I went to the computer lab and saw all the finger prints on the screens and then proceeded to sit at a computer that had a sticky keyboard

Anger when the couldn’t get a meme to upload the proper way after trying for HOURS

Sadness when still could not get the memes to upload properly

And once again Joy when Professor Ryan showed me the proper way to upload the GIF and IT WORKED!

I am not a quitter and I am looking forward to what this class has to offer. I am also hoping to learn how to edit some YouTube videos as well.

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