Are Memes Art? Part ll

Using Photoshop in todays class to create memes was a new experience for me. It was my first time using Photoshop and it was a simple process when creating memes. The only problem I had was finding an image in a larger size, my image came out a bit blurry because the image was small.

The one I created today hits very close to home because I can relate to the same feeling as the meme.

It is also interesting to see that the meme culture is world wide. This article in Spanish on what memes are and how to make them show that this is an interest in everybody.

One of my favorites memes from the Spanish “culture”:

This meme is in Spanish and is basically showing how the elderly are way behind on using technology. To translate, “Son, the computer is telling me to open up a window? But… its raining!!!”

This meme reminds me of when my grandparents got a phone for the first time and they needed help with everything.




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