Panoramic Storytelling

 I learned something super cool in class this past     week!!!!!

I had no idea that one could use the panorama setting on our phones to multiply the subjects into one image frame, it’s the coolest thing ever!! to know that this is done without photoshop and it’s so easy to do, I will definitely be using this more often! I already have a bunch of picture ideas in mind that I want to take using the panorama setting. 

In this picture, which I took with my best friend outside in the hallway, we honestly had no idea what to do, so we decided to use the props that were casually there to convey a story.  The story in this picture is that I am enthusiastically playing a song on the guitar as she serves as my only audience. However, she was not enjoying the song whatsoever.  After a little time had passed,  I realized that was the case and I started chasing her with my guitar, because I was so mad that she pretended to enjoy my playing LOL.



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