I was scrolling and clicking through some assignments on the ds106 assignment repository  and found a simple assignment that looked silly ,but fun to do. The basic idea is to crop out a picture of a celebrity I like and add the celebrity into a different environment, one they wouldn’t normally be in. The example I saw had Taylor Swift in a rain forest and I thought of a few different famous people I could play around with.  Another two that looked interesting were one that summarized a movie through gifs and another where a picture of the same place at different times of day and then it mashes them together in order to show the differences. I think the movie one is pretty cool because it shortens a whole movie into just a couple gifs. It will be tricky to find the right gifs that will show the main idea and portray the plot just right. The other media piece looked very attractive because nature changes constantly and capturing a piece of it for a moment at different times of the day can portray how light changes the appearance of nature. The different shadows, hues, and also things like wind, clouds, people, etc can add to the picture. I would just have to find a good spot to take a picture and go there at different times during the day and maybe at night. I found these interesting because they’re simple ,but creative in a way.

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