In Memeory of my Friends

Nobody’s dead- (Well, my old friends are ‘dead to me’).

Being a dual-citizen is hard.

When you find yourself making a home of two places separated by water, you constantly have to stretch. Keep your head above water to save yourself -nobody likes the feeling of  drowning.

In that case, I use social media platforms when I’m in a place where my friends cant show up on my doorstep unannounced. In order to keep my conversations lively, I use memes and Gifs when my friends and I share crazy stories. What better way to get a laugh when the Gif or meme is more than relatable?

This is my friend , Idrees. (Say Hi to Idrees). Idrees is a Well known spoken word poet and Dramatist. His carefree spirit makes it great for any meme possible.

In this case, he has a video which speaks to gang violence and how it affects intimate places such as the household. You can watch it here 

I love to use my friends as memes mainly because their faces almost become universal and I can carry them anywhere I want with me, plus make them replace the typical memes that we see out here. So much for a positive side of technology.



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