Friends to Foes, Rise to Fall

Getting to know people isn’t so hard. You have to introduced yourself say hello and find things in common. When you find things in common it makes conversation easier and then you can call them friends. Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t like the opinions of your “friends” and have to nonviolently enforce those opinions through force.

Professional Team                                                                                             Noobs 
I never thought about using the panorama setting on my phone to multiply the subjects in a picture. Its pretty cool when you think about it. Even if its just two people where one records and one is the subject you can have multiple different scenes play out. Its flaw is that there has to be a lot of space to not get caught in the act of sneaking into the next frame. I think with even more space you can play out a whole skit or just make some really cool images. Overall, my experience in class was pretty fun, hardest thing to do is to stay still and stop laughing.


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CT101 Digital Storytelling