Understanding Memes are Indeed Art

 My first meme was very exciting, because once I got an idea or visual in my mind of what I wanted to say, it became quite easy to design. The dynamic part about memes is the ability to convey messages in expressions and/or feelings to the public in the form of digital media.

I have come to understand memes are definitely art because it creates a social connection or trend that develops into a skill used in careers like marketing in advertising brands, in order to reach and get responses from a young generational audience through Facebook, and twitter. The 21st-century cultural pattern has determined, that this freedom of voice in meme art can be passed down further into the future. Here above is meme art I myself had created using the 3D feature in Photoshop during CT 101, which I find is a very useful piece of technology in developing your latest ideas.

Here are some memes I found quite funny and displays how it gets when you get distracted during the day especially in a boring class.


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