DS106 Assignment

From the Design Assignment category, I chose the Create your own logo assignment. I chose this assignment because as someone who is trying to startup their career as an entrepreneur, I believe that having an original logo that is unique to who your are and what your brand is, it stamps your brand as official. It also shows others that you are serious about your business. It wouldn’t be a difficult was to complete, especially if it s something that you are passionate about. Learning to use photoshop would be the hardest part for me, but it is something I want to be an expert on. Another app I would be interested in using is the SketchBook app from the App Store. I recently been playing around with it, practicing, attempting to create something.


From the Writing Assignment category I chose the Write an Alternative Ending assignment. There has always been those times where you wish your favorite movie, short film, or book had a different ending that felt right to you. With this assignment, it lets your creative juices flow and allows for many possible outcomes. It would help with the idea of storytelling because it allows us to create something unique and every ending will be different because we all think different. We could apply these skills to the digital world to create our own stories.



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