GIF / First Impression

I came into this course with the intentions of building my technical skills. I hoped to do so, to then apply it in my own visions of design. As a person who identifies as an artist just exploring different levels of design, I’m excited to experience and explore the different possibilities of the things that can be created. Then the energy and passion displayed by Professor Seslow created excitement for me, by the way he spoke about himself and his work. It made me feel almost honored and lucky to learn from someone that just believed in their work and spoke about it in such a dignified way. I felt that I would get the 1 on 1 support when necessary. I was also hoping that in this course we would soon be able to learn just a little bit of animation and motion graphics, because I have ideas and inspiration that I’ve seen using motion and text and had no idea how to execute that, so I was hoping that along the course of the semester I would learn a little of that whether it be in or out of class time.

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