Why naked..

The memes that exist nowadays are different compared to the very first memes that sprouted online. I have made some before by using meme generators online ,but I never really made any using photoshop except for that disaster below. Its actually a little hard to make them without any good characters in mind. Finding words to match the faces and then selecting the right font or colors to use takes a little experimenting.
    I believe that memes are forms of art, since art is the expression of our emotions, feelings, thoughts, and soul into something that can be experienced by others with any of their senses. Meaning art can be anything from music that can be experienced through the ear to something like an amazing dish that can be experienced through the senses of smell, sight, touch, and taste.  Memes are very funny and the use of photoshop helps people create hilarious pictures that make me laugh. People can get very creative and even cut jokes about things people would normally fight over or argue. They make things better because they add a little comedy to pretty much any aspect of life. By doing the smallest of things.

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  1. Great examples and description of your experience!
    Memes have grown for sure! There is so much great creative fun happening with memes, and so many ways to cross cultural disciplines through digital tools.

    Good work on this!

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