What makes me happy

I couldn’t imagine a life where I wasn’t making music everyday. I have been in love with music since I was in the womb *according to my mother’s stories*.


I love when people put me on to new music, especially when I am skeptical of the song choice/artist, and if it’s going to be straight fire or not.

I know this gif was supposed to be used in a separate assignment, but Knxwledge is one of my top favorite producers that truly inspires me to be my best and make sounds that ignite others.

I think about making music almost every second of the day. The infinite possibilities of different sounds and musical sequences, and all the different types of instruments and producer gear, excite me.


I mean, if I make a beat and I start dancing like this, that’s how you know I made something really cool.


Music will forever be the only thing that truly makes me happy. Whether I am creating it or listening to other artists, music will always be that first love.


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