The Power of Memes

Are memes art?

I believe memes are an art. There is a whole lot of memes in the internet. I usually see a lot of memes on instagram. There are even accounts, who only post memes, such as “epicfunnypage,” “societyfeelings,” bestofhorror” and “thesavageposts.” Memes bring out emotion and value. They are a form of expression. It may change the way people view a situation or someone.

My first meme!

I love cats! I have a cat named Leo. He is sweet and playful, however he can be a feisty little one. Cats are known to be serious, careless and boring. So I wanted to create a meme of a cat being silly to express the idea that cats are also cute and joyful. 

Meet Leo

This is Leo my cat making a silly face. I was walking around the house when  I caught him looking at me. I decided to quickly get my phone and capture this moment. I think it would make a funny meme.

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