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 How do you express yourself?

There are various ways of express your feelings. Many people love to use memes as one so its like an art a lot of people. Using memes to show if youre sad, happy or mad.

happy face GIF by Laurie Rowan

Memes are worldwide and it gives a start to a conversation, it also makes peoples days. Its also another way to kill time and just have fun.

Some of favorites are:

when I get a new hair cut !

black viral moments GIF by PAPER

This is like a everyday mood :

When you just started classes 2 essays are already do less than a week.

black nick young GIF

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  1. These are great, and FUN!
    Lets see if we can adjust the images to all be the same size in your blog post. It will help the visual flow for the reader. Ill go over this in class again soon.

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