Memes are FUN!

Today I learned that memes are actually art. To be honest I never thought of it in that way. I always though it was something to make people laugh but not anything artistic. In class for my first time ever, I learned how to make a meme and it was pretty cool! I had the freedom to choose what I want and be able to express myself in a creative way “BRUH!! Where’s my food!?”
Haven’t we all had that moment where someone took your food or someone didn’t give you food and you get so mad to the point where you what to square up? lol

A few memes I find funny…

I find this meme hilarious and I can relate to this meme. Every time its my birthday and they sing “Happy Birthday.” I always have this awkward smile and my cheeks begin to hurt.

The ultimate struggle when working in a place you cant stand. When this happens to me my first thought is “I’m going to quite, Im going to die in here, I’m tired and want to sleep”

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