Friendly competition

Over the past year I developed a passion to esports. Mainly in part to a new thing called the Overwatch League. During the season I grown to enjoy new things I would of never imagined and share great moments with friends. This past weekend was the OVERWATCH WORLD CUP Los Angeles GROUP STAGE. It is annual event where several countries form a team of their best players and compete for victory in a best of 4 series. The countries that participated  in this stage were Canada,USA,Brazil,Austria, and Norway. The most anticipated match of the stage was USA vs Canada. Two powerhouse teams in the West.  Once they finally faced each other America came out victorious with 3-1 victory. It was arguably the best match of the weekend but the most memorable moment in my opinion came in the Austria vs Canada match. Where Canadian player “Agilities” pushed 3 members of the enemy team off the map. 

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