BTS Love Yourself = Happiness

I’ve been actively following this Korean boyband for sometime now and honestly I’ve become so hooked on them! Their music is always so inspiring plus the lyrics and messages behind each song makes them much more powerful as artists. They also are definitely very versatile as each song can be very different from the next as they tend to explore various concepts and themes throughout their music. They are also multitalented! As a group, they’re able to write their own lyrics, produce their own songs, sing, rap, and dance amazingly well, which all-in-all, gives them this extremely powerful aura! “Mic Drop” is a really good example of this aura:

As individuals, I find they never fail to put a smile on my face as they use their platform to spread positivity and love, especially self love most of all, given their album series “Love Yourself”. Through these albums, they made me realize how before you can give love to other people you have to be able to love yourself first. So in other words, true love first begins with self love. In the last album of the series “Love Yourself: Answer”, BTS demonstrates  this theme of self-love in their title track “IDOL”, by using bright colors and upbeat tones to illustrate a celebration of them finally coming to terms with loving and accepting themselves for who they truly are.

In time, I found that BTS and their music brings me lots of happiness and joy. They truly give me inspiration to pursue my goals and they’ve helped me discover a much better version of me and with that, remind me to always stay true to myself. With this, I’m also happy to say that I’m excited to go see my idols perform in concert on October 6th.


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