too tired 2 function

On the first day:

Woke up so early for school and I forgot the date already thinking this class will just make me fall asleep even more . I just wanted to start the fun stuff already . I was trying to rush everything I wanted to know how to make gifs already. I didn’t think it was that simple.

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Well, I was totally wrong its such a great class already in how we can just express and do what we want but in time.You can also multitask, while you doing your work even if you’ve finished you can always get ahead of things if you’re behind.

mission accomplished success GIF by THE NEXT STEP

You don’t really need to worry much I guess just keep up the good work and just get better as the days go by. As we see the development in going through now and the end of this semester. Just see what we will learn more in this fall.

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