My first Gif & impression of Ct101

When I first stepped into Ct101, I thought that we were going to do hardcore work and be lectured 24/7 but then my assumption was turned upside down . This was my first reaction when Ryan said that we were going to create Gifs, but then something clicked in my head and I remembered what Gifs were!!. before that day I had only made a Gif once in my life , it wasn’t hard but that was years ago so I was basically going to have to teach myself again.

its a fun experience, creating something that the world can view and use to their discretion. Ct101 is actually turning out to be a fun class, im actually getting more involved with the internet by creating these blog posts and so on. Before, id just be searching up things for homework but these assignments are actually making me productive .   The gif below is the one I created by the way.

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