Making GIFS Be Like… (Reaction GIFS)

When I enrolled for the class CT 101: Digital Storytelling, I immediately reflected back to my Technologies of Reading course I took a few semesters ago and was kind of worried if I should do this class or not.  But lo and behold, I did chose to enroll in it because I thought to myself “It’s a challenge and I love a good challenge” (except if it’s Math do not bother asking me anything! I’m serious about that).  Based off our last two class sessions, I can firmly say that this course is one of the rare chances one will ever get to freely express themselves in a non-academic way.  It’s really fun and a chance to decompress after a strenuous last four years of college.  I can write freely, express myself in new art forms, and just have FUN with my classwork/homework.  Professor Seslow gives us the freedom and liberty to be ourselves!  I can’t wait for our upcoming assignments!  I’m ecstatic!  Below is my reaction to the GIF making process! Enjoy!

Thinking of the GIF making process be like…
Being introduced to the GIF making process be like…
When your WIFI takes forever for you to load a GIF you want to use…
When you keep embedding your GIF wrong…When you successfully learn how to make GIFS!


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CT101 Digital Storytelling