DANCE is one of the things that makes me happy!!!!!!! I find myself watching dance videos for hours on end…. learning dances every week. I think I lost count on how many dances I’ve learned. Dancing allows me to express myself in ways that words dont allow me to. Is also important for me, to make sure I am always having fun while doing it. Animated GIF

Literally, just watching one of my favorite dancers do this move, places the biggest smile on my face!!! it can make my whole entire day better!! 


I came across this korean band in 2015, and since then I’ve been a little too obssesed with them, maybe it was their sick dance moves, or the story behind their songs, but I truly cant get enough of them. They make me happy in every aspect of what they do, they inspire me to follow my dreams and believe in myself at all times. They came from a very small korean entertainemnet company and many people doubted them, and now their the biggest KPOP group out there. #ANYTHINGISPOSSIBLE #LOVEYOURSELF

There is the first BTS video I ever watched!!!! WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK LOL.  

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