Alternative Art

Hey New Yorkers, it’s FASHION WEEK!

There’s nothing scarier than having your dreams come true but the ladder to success is usually brutal. When thinking of art the first variations that may come to mind is drawing or painting. As you read this, think of the other side, Fashion, Photography, Makeup and Music. These talents all go hand in hand as we will see this week in the Fashion Capital of the World; New York City. In 2018, African American Artists have been making STRIDES OK!

Virgil Abloh became the first African American Menswear designer for Louis Vuitton as well as used many black musicians as models.  Also, as a result of Beyonce gaining FULL creative control over the September issue (another stride), Tyler Mitchell became the first Black photographer to shoot a Vogue Cover.


Kids of color… Be who you want to be, even if it’s not socially acceptable.

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