It’s Lit! (What’s Making Me Happy)

*Bell rings*  Calling all faculty, staff and students SCHOOL IS BACK in session!  Now I don’t know about you but I love that back to school vibe!  It’s not because I enjoy doing homework or taking exams because believe me I despise as much as you do.  When I hear about back to school, I always go into a euphoria state of mind because it’s a chance for me to learn more and more.  Who doesn’t love to learn?  As Malcolm X once famously said:

Now that I  been in college, for the past four years and one semester left before I graduate with my Bachelor’s degree I can not express how much I love my major which is English literature and Education!  I also have a incredible passion for Digital Humanities!  Some call me a bookworm, book nerd and it never seems to bother me at all.  I find it to be a complement.  Literature is more then just reading a story with characters.  Their is a spiritual element to it and it helps you grow and gives you the tools “to fight” as one of my favorite English professors told me!  BOOKS AND LEARNING MAKE ME HAPPY!!!





One thought on “It’s Lit! (What’s Making Me Happy)”

  1. Well said and well written!
    But, lo and behold, please don’t forget that the assignment asks specifically “what on the Internet” is making you happy? This will cause you to embed a series of URLs and hyperlinks that can redirect to that content. :))

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