How Has College Been Making Me Feel

#I Can Do It!

The first few weeks of College for me have been an emotional roller coaster to say the very least. Initially, I was rather frightened to start school this fall because for the first time ever I am going to attempt to complete 18 credits in a 15-week semester!

My first week of classes was the scariest! I had to meet all of my professors for the semester read the syllabus from each class to figure out what will be required of me. To my surprise, all of my professors seem pretty awesome and quite approachable. Farther more, I am actually studying so many things that I find intriguing.

I am currently a Communication Technology major that recently switched over from Pharmaceutical Science. It was a major jump but I am delighted by all of the topics I get to study this semester. For my CT 101 class, I will be learning how to create a fully functioning website/blog through word press. I am so eager to begin learning the material for this class because it was a personal goal of mines for the summer! Now it will actually be achieved. We all know what happens to summer goals as soon as the beach opens. Within my other classes, I will be learning how to understand user design, studying the works of Spike Lee and, as my Black Studies  professor said “Proving that everything an author wrote about the Carribean is incorrect.”

Currently, I am super motivated and up for the challenge. I want to see what I can accomplish by pushing my self a bit farther this semester. My Goal is to complete all of my projects on time and to earn myself an A for all 6 of my classes!


Me hyping myself up in the mornings!
Me turning in my assignment in at 11:58 p.m. this time instead of at 11:59 p.m.
After I hit submit!

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