My first impressions of GIF

My initial thoughts of GIF’s were OMG! Like how on earth am I going to do this if I don’t get one on one attention, because how I learn is a step by step process and where is my little brother to say look dummy this is how it’s done, and in the back of mine it’s literally exploding.

However, what I gather from these GIF’s is that if I don’t try ill never learn, instead ill be the one who goes on living with regrets, and never ask anyone to

Furthermore, i want to be my own vigilante who dances along side my fear who dresses in black or whatever color he decides to wear and mocks me with…

And finally, to be my own vigilante who dances along side my fear will allow me to face challenges that may come my way

Basically its go time and am not afraid of the outcome ,because it’s a learning process that I have to overcome in order to be were I envision myself everyday, and am ready for the challenge so am going to have to






  1. I see a GIF as a clip that catches a moment. It can be a moment of emotion or a description of something specifically.

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