h3h3 Makes Me Happy!

h3h3 is one of my all-time favorite YouTube channels! This channel is produced by the power couple Ethan and Hila Klein. I’ve been watching their channel for many years and I’ve fallen in love with their unique personalities and hilarious videos. Their content consist of reaction videos and satire comedy which makes fun of Internet trends and personalities. I’ve witnessed their journey from small YouTubers who now own their fashion line called Teddy Fresh, and the H3 Podcast which launched in 2016. THEY MAKE ME HAPPY! I always look forward to seeing the weekly podcast and any new work they release for that matter!

I think I especially love H3 primarily because of Hila (sorry Ethan!) She has grown the most, and has truly blossomed into an amazing creator and artist! She was extremely shy and reserved starting out and she has broken out of her shell and flourished throughout her career. I relate to her a lot and hope to be as successful as her in the near future, she is truly an inspiration to me!

If you haven’t already please check em’ out! It’ll definitely be worth it. Above is one my favorite video by h3h3, enjoy. Please click here to visit the h3h3 YouTube Channel!

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