Glam and Beauty


Feeling confident, beautiful and powerful is what makes me satisfied. I love buying beauty products to make the skin better, such as face masks, facial cleansers and creams. Having a clear canvas may make it easier to apply makeup products and will make foundations look smoother. I also enjoy buying makeup products and creating new looks. I love foundations, highlighters, lipsticks, contouring and eyeshadow pallets. Glam looks are one of my favorites and makes me feel beautiful. I also enjoy going to the nail salon and glamming up my nails by putting gems and trying out different nail polishes. 

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  1. Excellent!
    Don’t forget, the assignment asks “what is making you happy on the Internet” and to share the links by hyperlinking text in your blog post or pasting and or embedding the media into your post (like the GIF you posted)

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