Class in a jiffy

  Going into class on the first day is always a little nerve racking for me because I never know what to expect from the class or new Professor ,but this is my senior year and wanted to start it with a better spirit. 

 Many Professors have a set of rules that the class has to follow. I came in thinking that everyone would be working on the same project, that class would be more technical, and I thought it might be very gray in a way. When Professor Seslow said that this class would allow everyone to be creative and that even though there are similar projects each student would be able to express their own interpretation of it I was surprised.

 On the second day of class we learned how to create Gifs and I was shocked at how simple the process could be. I have made three gifs already and its a great experience. I have always been a fan of memes, gifs, and pictures in general that I could relate to. Its an easy and fun way to communicate with my friends on social media using memes and other funny pictures. It will be fun to make gifs with some of my friends in the future. Actors, youtubers, and cartoon characters are perfect at hyperbolizing emotions ,and I think that learning how to find and use these will help add more of myself into future blogs.

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