Assignment #1:What is making me happy

There are not a lot of people, that can speak the truth about the world we live in today. Artist much like Childish Gambino sings the given elements of what people see before their eyes. Like the political and injustice social environment that has kept our views, rights, and freedom is hidden away.

What makes me happy about this song is that not only is Childish Gambino showing what is happening in most neighborhoods, schools and etc, but he is performing a perfect example of how the past chain of events can influence my future in the 21st-century modern-day life. It has me thinking about my life and what sort of impact can I leave the world thinking about.

The last record part, where Gambino is running away from those events shows me and which bares the question (What can I change or what can we do?) by simply turning or running away from the reality that is our world. It does not really matter, what race, gender, and ethnicity we come from. If believing in something gives you strength then use it to make a difference.


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