What is making me happy?

Watching “Insecure” is making me HAPPY!

I have fully committed to watching HBO’s Insecure on Sunday nights. Insecure is a comedy-drama series that plays out the lives of two females, Molly and Issa. Molly is a lawyer in her thirties who seemly has her life together but is determined to find the “perfect” love of her life. Issa, on the other hand, works for a non- profit organization and recently broken up with her long-term boyfriend and trying to find her way through the millennials dating scene. In this seasons of Insecure, the viewers follow these two ladies through their journey if reinventing themselves.

Insecure is “making me happy” because I feel as though black women haven’t had a show that discusses the issues of dating as a black woman since “Girlfriends”. For me, this show is emotionally provoking. They have discussed issues with interracial dating, exclusivity and even issues within the LGBT community. For a show to constantly initiate conversations with within my social circles, it has to be placed on my must-watch list. So every night I will be dragging my sister out of her room and into the living room to watch Insecure with me!

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Insecure discussed assumptions that are made because of Issa’s race.
Insecure also discussed issues with Molly’s intentional dating techniques.
My Sister and I watching Insecure.

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