Jersey Shore -Caitlin Toro

The Jersey Shore is a reality TV show, which aired in 2009. They started really young living life at the jersey shore in the summer. They went through a lot of ups and downs. Which gave me variety of clips to choose from for my GIFS.

This GIF represents when Angelina and Snookie got into a fight. I used this clip to represent two sisters righting over the same thing. Sister always have to disagree with something.



This is animated GIF is called STEPMOTHER. This animated GIF is from Jersey Shore Family Vacation. I used this clip because it reminded of children meeting their stepmother for the first time.

In this clip Angelina came back to visit as a joke with the guys to prank Mike in the blue shirt. His face expression shows he wasn’t too pleased to see her. Which is why I used this as a greeting of meeting your stepmother for the first time.

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