Walking the WordPress Walk

** This post was created by Professor Smith a few years ago, it still holds true as a great example for our first assignment.

Your goal this week will be to read the posts listed in our class calendar. Absorb them and then begin to prepare and gather all of needed media, images, links and content to create and publish your first blog post to our class website.

Prof. Smith mentions:

In today’s first class we quickly covered the basics of your first post. I created a quick post about what I loved about the Olympics. And now it’s your turn to share something in a post as well!

Take time to introduce anything you want about yourself and describe a piece of the internet that is “making you happy” this week. Share what the content is about, the media format, and the online space in which is was discovered. Make sure it’s something you can ’embed’ in your post and be sure to link back to the original source of the the item.

Below is an example:

discovered recently a writer who made side-by-side comparisons of frames from the Simpsons with frames from the original movies that inspired the cartoon. I love this kind work because it shows how culture is seemingly endlessly recycled and remixed.

Here’s the original scene from the 1960 film Psycho:


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