Looking Into My Eye

I can’t believe this semester is about to come to a complete end. All the work and studying will pay off. From becoming a transfer to a York member my whole view of things changed. I’ve met more mature and successful people who want to further in life more. Many connections have been made since I enrolled in York Cuny college. I’m looking forward for next semester and continuing to prosper in life and becoming a better person each and everyday.


Every day I try to become the best person I can be. If its school, work, relationships, friendships I bring out the best of me and people appreciate that. Its like I’m destined to be a people person, maybe I should’ve changed by major to humanities and human services! From where I was raised and blossomed to I can say my parents did a really great job. They taught me the greatest aspect of my life which is, the saying whatever kills you will make u stronger as they quoted the infamous KANYE!


I can see right through certain people. Its funny once you grow through certain things people think you changed. Its the fact that you grew up and once was that person people knew you for. I love to see someone grow from something they believed they was before. If your not supporting my growth that brings happiness, I can tell you wasn’t my support system after all. That also tells me that you wanted to see my downfall and acknowledge all the negativity that was brought by that situation.




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