The Effects Social Media Has On People

by Jayda Myrick

In our look at writing for electronic media, a recent article in the New York Times about the web and the possible end of text messages. There are multiple articles within the one article. The article that intrigued us the most was the one titled “Even the Tech Elite Are Worrying About Tech Addiction” by Farhad Manjoo.

Social media is becoming one of the most addicting things in this time and age. We are living in the technology error. People are using their phones more and more. Children go outside less and we just have to come to the fact that technology is taking over part of peoples everyday lives.

Andrew Anderson, 22 years old, and works retail said, “I don’t know how credible the authors of the article opinion is because he did a previous article about doing a social media cleanse but he was still actively using Twitter.”

In the article, the journalist interviewed people who were once Facebook executives. The executives feel that it’s putting a damper on the lives of people. One even compared it to smoking cigarettes.

Anderson who lives in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn is a junior and  journalism major at york college says “I wouldn’t say its as addicting as cigarettes, I think they use it as a hyperbole.”


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