Zine Project

“How technology and creativity are powerful learning tools for inspiration, digital storytelling, and design.”

I always go for simplicity, so I wanted this project to reflect it. Although I was confused reading the prompt, I just decided to go with the flow. We can do so many things by using technology and our creativity. The world is full of people with talents, they use technology to enhance and perfect their craft. People circulate their ideas through technology. The first thing I did was use a bright background color to brighten my thoughts. Using bright color made ideas pop into my head. We live in a money-oriented society, we want to make more money and sometimes we forget the people around us. I wanted to create a saying through this project and the saying was “Some go for wealth while other go for relationships”. If you look at my project, you would see two sides to a picture. One side shows a man who is pulling money which represents people striving for money. The other side shows family spending quality time together.



















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