New Writing Tips

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention developed a toolkit to help people learn to write on the web. The toolkit was created because the CDC went through trial and error to create good web posts.

The CDC gives good social media and communication strategies. Some tips they gave was identifying your audience and determining the objective. These are important.

Knowing the audience you are trying to reach is most important. If you know the audience you know how to approach them. The messages or post you create would meet the needs of that audience. The more you learn about your audience, the more successful and effective your post would become.

The CDC gave some tips for writing for social media platforms. One platform they used was Facebook. Facebook is one of the most used and common social media platforms.

Somethings they used to create a successful post the learned and distinguished their audiences. Another thing that works was the length, content, and tone.

The length of facebook post offers 420 characters. The CDC would recommend that you use 250 characters or less. If you use up to 250 characters the whole post can be viewed without having to click on it. Most people do not want to read a long post.

The content of the post should be conversational and friendly. People tend to read posts more when there’s a video, link or photo.

These methods help and are effective. I use these methods in order to capture readers.

CT101 Digital Storytelling