Techniques for Web Writing

Improving Online Writing

by: Jayda Myrick

Since I first started writing for the web I did not know much. Now I can so I learned so many new techniques and I would like to help others. There are so many ways to improve your online writing and technology concepts.

To improve writing, being precise, brief and active. being precise consist of saying exactly what we mean. If you are reading and things are not said the way they are meant we might get confused. We might even stop reading altogether, therefore we want to be accurate.

Being brief is equally as important. Online writing should be clear and to the point. Majority of the population uses phones and reading long paragraphs are not what people like to do. If something seems short and gets to the point it draws more attention. As we write being active matters. If talking in the past tense or passive can be avoided, AVOID IT.

Bylines, subheads, and headlines are important. To get your name out there include a byline so readers know who you are. People tend to look for the author of the post. Subheads help readers locate specific topics in a blog post or even a story. Sometimes readers don’t like to read the full article and want to read something specific. Same as headlines, they should be intriguing so readers want to click the article.

For news articles, there are different ways to write them. Some techniques used for news articles are hyperlinks, experts and people on the street. Hyperlinks are important because they can lead back to direct articles and facts about the topic. For example, in my story about NYCHA, I hyperlinked articles that had more details about other things going on in the lawsuit. Some of the information was updated from the time I wrote the article.

Experts and people on the street play a role in news articles. Our experts are people who know more about the topic than the person writing the article and just somebody walking on the street. Our person on the street are people that may know about the topic or somehow related to the topic.

Another important technique we can use is picking a good theme for our website our blog. Making sure the newest one pops up first is important. No one would want to read an article from 2017 and it’s April 2018. Themes should also allow people to read 3-5 sentences of the blog post before a person clicks the article or post. Showing enough of the article would and should get someone’s attention so they can read the whole thing.

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