Web Writing in Different Forms

There are many news stories and major news websites. To make or create a unique news story you have to be different from others. Many of the unique websites or stories have things in common. The similarities could be the technology, web design and topics of the stories.

SX Salon

Kelly Baker Josephs is an English professor at CUNY York College. Professor Baker teaches courses in Anglophone Caribbean Literature, Gender Studies and more.She is an editor of an online literal journal. The journal is where Caribbean literature is defined.  The website consists of many things. They do interviews, reviews, poetry and so much more.

NY Times

The NY Times is a place where everybody receives there news. While in class we read an article that was really good and it’s different than the SX Salon website. The NY Times has a website and an actual newspaper that you can buy in stories or get in the mail. The NY Times is based in New York.


Since this SX Salon is an online journal it’s different than new websites or news stories. Even though they are both different, they share similarities. SX Salon and NY Times both have subheadings. Both websites have a different section. On SX Salon each category has their own section, such as reviews, discussions, poetry and much more. The NY Times is also the same but their sections arent titled the same. The sections include home, politics, New York and much more.

SX salon has reviews and new books. The NY Times has a section for books as well. The content is almost the same. NY Times shows best sellers and book reviews. SX Salon is also the same way.


SX Salon features different stories than NY Times or the articles on NY Times. The NY Times is more serious and relates important news that everyone should now. SX Salon has more of a literary content while the NY Times is news based. The NY Times covers serious stories. In one article by the NY Times, it is about the Mass shooters and how the attack with rifles that is usually for war.

Within the article, the writers used a narrative nut graf. The article included statistics, images, and even videos. The article goes into details about weapons used in mass shootings. The article includes quotes from experts and reliable resources.

On SX Salon there aren’t any serious stories. While on the website you cannot find serious stories only literary content. The poems on the website are about overcoming or facing problems. They are less serious than the article in the NY Times. The NY Times talk more serious and SX Salon talks conversationally but also in a literal form.

CT101 Digital Storytelling